Monday, March 9, 2009

A Squishy in the Mail today

a peek in my lovely envelope from England

Today's mail brought me a lovely brown envelope from England - the result of a blog giveaway by Sandy Snowden to celebrate her 100th Blog post. I just started reading Sandy's blog, but I have been familiar with her work for several years via the QuiltArt list.

The contents out of the envelope
Inside the envelope were a postcard of one of Sandy's pieces, a lovely piece of rusted fabric, some yummy bits of yarns, and something I'm not sure about (pink) which is intriguing me to no end until I find out what it is.

a better look at the rusted fabric

I love the rusted fabric. I think it will go in to the special fabric place in my stash until I think what I can do with it.

I called the art educator at the Gallery today to check on the status of how many students had signed up for my Fusible Fibre Art: Introduction to Fusibles workshop on March 28. We have 8 people signed up and one had paid. Laurie indicated that those who have signed up were very interested so she said to go ahead and make up my samples, etc.

While I was at the post office today, I also chatted with another arty aquaintance and told her what the workshop was about. She is going to talk with someone tonite and the last 2 spaces in the workshop may be filled.

This week my goal is to get the fabric samples made for the workshop, then I can concentrate on getting the handouts done.


Sandy said...

Cool, Louise! I hope you find something fun to do with the mystery fabric!

I started reading your blog and discovered I may have met you in the Misty Fuse booth in Houston! i stopped in a couple times to blather on about my Bernina garment.

Thanks for letting me know you got the parcel.
Take care,
Sandy in the UK

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

That may have been Sarah Ann Smith. She said she was demoing Mistyfuse last fall. Or, it could have been someone else who had some spare time while at the festival. I volunteered because I missed the cutoff for class registration in Long Beach so had to register the day before they started.

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Addendum: I forgot to say that I did my demoing at the Long Beach Festival in July.