Sunday, March 1, 2009

Decision Making Time

The past week has been a difficult one for me on several fronts. Crunch time regarding my Flatland Fibre entry - push ahead and get it done (however) to make the March 4 deadline or not? Waiting for the vet to call me with results of Stanza's latest bloodwork taken on Feb 23 and decide which option to take at this point. Trying to pursue creative work/decisions while in the middle of making possbily life-altering (Stanza's) decisions is not really a winning scenario on either front.

So, with much thought and consideration, I decided to withdraw my Intent to Enter the Flatland Fibre Exhibit by the SCC (Saskatchewan Craft Council). One of my stated goals for this year is to put out my best work. When I thought about the work already put into this piece, I couldn't justify rushing just to enter it. I have been much excited about this piece from it's conception and feel that I need to take the time it needs to complete it. I have not decided whether I may send in an intent to enter it in Dimensions......... that deadline is March 4, the same day the piece was supposed to be delivered. It's the old adage, when one door closes, a window opens somewhere else.

I ams more than a little hesitant to enter Dimensions this year as the quality of work must be exceptional. This year is supposed to be about me creating a body of work reflecting my newer style. That, and I need to prep my Fused Fibre Art workshop being held on March 28. I have discovered that the delivery in person deadline is April 14 and the shipped deadline is April 9. My piece also fits in with the theme of Dimensions this year and I feel the work is quite innovative as well. So.......... more decisions to make in the meantime.

What I did discover is that I really don't want to work non-stop meeting a deadline. It's not good for me or my work. so making this decision is a big step forward for me. In other times, I would have plunged headlong, working non-stop until I had SOMETHING I could submit. This is definitely not good for me, nor for my work. I am happy and relieved to discover this movement forward in how I value myself and my work.

After making the decision to withdraw my Intent to Enter, it freed me to make other decisons as well. In March, I will make studio time a priority in my daily routine.......doing it first before the other myriad of things that can eat up time so that the studio time gets neglected and often doesn't happen. I will be working on a series of "fronts" in my life now that this past month full of unexpected events has come and gone.

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