Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy Scanning Day

I am posting a couple of pics of my charm quilt top circa 200?ish. I keep adding pieces at the bottom and around the edges but I think this is pretty much the one that is currently being hand quilted on my Hinterberg Frame.

Charm Quilt top hanging at the Canning, NS Quilt Show in early 2000's

Charm Quilt Top hanging lengthwise
from my 2nd floor clothesline in Wolfville, NS

Today was a bit of trip down memory lane........... I spent time digging out my BOXES of photos stored in their envelopes. I knew I was gonna have a major project going through them, scanning suitable ones for my image library etc. I was actually looking for some photos I took in 2006 since I didn't seem to have a copy of the one I used previously on the computer (I did digital images with it, so I know I scanned it at some point) but that was a couple of computers ago.

In the process of looking for the photos I want, I did come across photos of a number of my quilted pieces........ I've scanned them and will put them up in a gallery at some point. I'm trying to stay on track for this swap piece I want to get out by tomorrow.

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