Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to Get a Move On!

Since I seem to have about a week's respite until I find out about the job I interviewed for yesterday, I am taking it as a sign that this time meant for me to get my entry for Flatland Fibre figured out so I can send my intent to enter by next Wednesday. I didn't plan to enter very many shows this year, wanting instead to spend my time creating a body of work. The 3D requirements for this show have intigued me, however, and seem to follow along on the work I did to develop my fibre card in December. I am a bit reluctant to share details of that at the moment as they are looking for innovative work - which this SURE is for me and I don't want someone else to "scoop" my idea. Once the intent to enter deadline has passed, I will share some pics and info with you folks as I go along.

An eagle-eyed online friend noticed that a thimble was missing from the handquilting tools shown in a previous post, so this pic is for her!

Maps, can you spot the thimble here?

A closeup pic of the type of thimble I use

I have also spent time today catching up on my "missing" blog posts. Having my laptop away for over 2 weeks plus coming back without most of the programs has meant that it's more difficult to get the pics onto the puter and uploaded. I finally decided just to use the HP program on the laptop as a temporary measure in order to get caught up.

As well, I've been thinking a bit about the class/workshop I will be offering through the Art Gallery at the end of March. I need to ruminate about these things before I write them up. I plan to do my "required" hand quilting for the day while the Thursday evening crime shows are on tv tonight.

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