Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First turn of the wheel(quilt)

close up of quilting on charm quilt
charm quilt showing length of quilt and first section

I've gotten the first row of quilting done on my charm quilt and got to roll it to start on th next. One row of how many? But it is progress and I am happy to see it. I finished quilting the row as a means of de-stressing from my job interview in the am.

The job interview went ok, but it was the first sit-down interview with several people I've had in over 12 years. (I got that job) so I was a bit stressed both before and after it. I will know in 5-7 days whether or not it will be offered to me. It sounds interesting and the salary will cover my expenses. It's also a Monday-Friday job with regular hours so that should allow me time for my art and teaching workshops at the Art Gallery (which could be another source of income).

I also spoke with Laurie at the Art Gallery about the workshop(s) I might teach in March. For her publicity purposes, the class description, etc needs to be written up soonest so she can get the word out. We've decided on a title - No Sew Intro to Fibre Art. This workshop will be an introduction to the various types of fusibles, students will make samples of each plus spend time creating their own art work(s). With the gallery classes, all supplies are included in the cost of the the class. We also decided on a Saturday 10-4 class time in late March so they can explore possibilities and take home a finished project or two at the end of the day. We plan to build on this by offering other classes that use the information acquired in this one. the only skills necessary are being able to use scissors and an iron!

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Heather said...

Your charm quilt look lovely. I will keep my fingers crossed for you with the job interview.