Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday at the Gallery

Today I was the featured artist demonstrating at the Art Gallery of Swift Current from 2-4 pm. It was a fun thing to do....... Sit there and work on your art while folks come and go. I didn't get much actual work done as I spent time talking to folks about what I was doing. One couple spent about half an hour asking me questions and me showing them some things I was doing. I apologize that I forgot to take pics until I was packing up. I may be doing another one of Feb 8 so I promise to take pics then.
Here are some of my photos showing some of the pieces I took to show a variety of techniques.
My summer show entries on display at the Art Gallery during the opening

A Time to Gather overall shot

A Time to Gather - detail shot showing some of the mixed media used in this piece

A Time to Gather was a challenge piece created to enter in local quilt show. We had a packet of fabrics to use and were allowed to add 3 others. I did a "Blomidon" piece without Blomidon - using one of my previous patterns and adapting it from that. This piece was my first "mixed media" piece and uses quite the variety of item on it including silk leaves, a real raffia basket, artificial fruit and veggies, fruit/veggie buttons and a REAL wooden picket fence (from a scrapbooking supply store). It was very fun to do. I also used some machien trupunto on the tree trunk and appliqued it on as a separate item. It was my usual hurry up and make the deadline style I used back then. I pulled into the yard of the person receiving the entries just as they were about to head out to the Guild meeting (in the nick of time!!!). That's about the closest call I've had.

My hardest decision was trying to decide what I would take to work on. When I can't make up my mind, I end up taking much more than I need. I thought I would take along some more altered photographs printed on the cotton inkjet sheets by Jacquard to try using the NeoColour II water soluble crayons and also take my yummy 132 box of Prismacolour artist quality pencil crayons to try on some of the extra silk prints I made in December to compare how I liked the results. With all the chatting I didn't get much done there. I will post more about the results of these trials in another post.
I took a number of the books I bought myself for Christmas so people could see the variety of fibre art techniques and methods.
The 2 hours flew by fast and I managed to get it packed up and ready to go by the time the library closed.

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