Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Much for Making Plans!

Stanza with her first snowfall this year - she's not impressed

I, on the other hand, was glad to take a walk down by the creek and see how the snow looked, my first snow shots this year. There's something about a dusting of snow that puts one in the the Christmas mood............ Stanza decided a block was about all the walk she wanted to take this am, so I took the camera instead.

A dusting of snow turns everthing into a winter wonderland
After a nice, invigorating walk I went into the library to set up to work and discovered that the space I had booked was full of a cabinet being put together, so I went to do some photo editing in the library. When I came back later to set up, I found that one of the gallery staff was painting frames (probably for the next exhibit setting up next week). Since paint and I really do not get along due to my environmental sensitivities, it meant that my sewing plans for the day were put on hold.
This is the area I usually sew sewing items are on the cupboards to the left
That's where they stayed till I put them in the car to go back in the storage unit
Instead, I finished editing the photos from the Swing Dance Ball and "played" with my 4x6 photo printer. Learned lots about what it can do as a stand alone device. I had fun with it and printed off a number of photos for the CAP interns (Community Access Program) who organized the Swing Dance lessons and Swing Dance Ball last Friday nite.

My set up for working on the computer today

If the location looks familar, it's where I was set up to sew yesterday. My new little Epson photoprinter is to the right of the puter. Just put your memory car in and print off photos. I also printed directly from my camera. All good practice things to do. Although you cant see them, I treated the library staff to Tim Tams (an Australian cookie). They are the first folks I've offered them to who actually knew what they were. One of the interns had done some schooling in Australia and brought some back. It was a nice treat to have on a cold snowy day.

I'm back at work cooking tomorrow.

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