Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sewing as "Performance Art"

Today was another day off..........so I was off to the library to work on the tote bags. It was "handle day". I spent the day making handles and attaching them to the already made bags. This time I was set up right in the middle of the library. Manisha, the librarian, said since I was making them for the library I could sew right in the library. It was an interesting experience, to say the least.
This morning they had a guest author in and lots of school children to hear him. I came after that, but there were still Grade 6 students doing a scavenger or other hunt through the library looking for clues. Some were from Gull Lake where I used to live, so I got to visit for a few minutes with some of the parent helpers along for the trip.
I got to hear storytime with the children in the afternoon, and they read one of my favourite Sheree Fitch books....... the one that has Monkees in the Kitchen. I just love the way her prose flows. Sheree went back to school in Wolfville , NS at Acadia University a number of years ago. Her son and my daughter were in the same class in grade 6 and had a "thing" for each other. We were reminiscing about that when I met her a few years ago at the Two Planks and a Passion "PassionArt" Art Auction, where she was the guest performer. It was a real treat to hear her read her own work. Some of you may remember hearing Sheree on Peter Gzoski's show on CBC.
In the evening there were a number of folks who stopped by to ask what I was doing. Many wanted to know if the bags were for sale. I just said they were a project for the library.
In all, I managed to make handles and get them attached to 24/30 bags I had made. There is still a fair size box of fabric samples. I'd like to get 50 bags made if there are enough samples. It seems like a nice round number.
Tomorrow, I get to spend the day sewing for me! YEAH!

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