Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another Place I Create

The kitchen where I cook, creating meals that are
"good enough to eat"

Today it was back to work..... cooking in a truck stop restaurant. I try to be consistent with the quality and I'm finally getting the timing down so the things that need to be done together end up done together, not always an easy task.

The range on the right is the meat range and the one on the left is the egg/pancake one. They are NEVER turned off. We also have a charcoal grill to the right of the meat range where we cook burgers and steaks.

I take pride in making the meal look as attractive as it can, given the time and other constraints I work under. I guess we use our creativity where we can.

It can get pretty hectic at times, especially when there are 8 or 10 order slips up....sometimes each with several meals on it. It doesn't looks so tidy then.

I spent some time downloading an upgrade for my camera software so Vista now does recognize my camera. As well, I can upload photos from it to blogger, which I couldn't do before. Happy days!!!! I am working on getting my photos organized and into albums so things are easier to find when I need them. Not all the artist's creating is in the studio. It seems more and more time needs to be spent on keeping good records that are useful.

To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

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