Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today I finally got the workshop write up done for the Saturday No Sew Fibre Art workshop I will be doing at the Art Gallery of Swift Current at the end of March. We will be learning how to use the variety of fusibles on the market plus fusible embellishments, making some type of sample book for them and then spending time using the materials and techniques to create some small (8x10) or smaller fibre art works. There will be NO sewing involved so my challenge will be to find finishing techniques so a finished project(s) can be taken home at the end of the day.

It also means checking out some of the fusible embellishments I haven't yet bought or used to see if they are suitable for inclusion in the workshop. Most of that will happen after I get my Flatland Fibre Intent to Enter Work application off by fax in the next day. I will be playing with peltex today to decide on the dimensions of my piece. I'm quite excited about working on it but it seems many things are conspiring to keep me from it.

I was feeling fairly under the weather over the weekend so all this was supposed to be done then but didn't happen. Instead I spent time resting and watching movies on the puter. Obviously things were germinating in my brain since the writeup practically wrote itself this am. Amazing what enough sleep and echinachea can do for a person. That and the sun is shining away today which always helps me this time of year.

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