Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I spent time this morning "playing" with peltex to get the dimensions figured out for my Flatland Fibre - Off the Wall Intent to Enter Work form so I could get it sent in before the deadline at 5 pm today. Here is the link for the exhibit I spoke to my "muse" - Laurie Wagner, Art Educator at the Art Gallery of Swift Current on the phone prior to playing to discuss options and sizes. She always seems to suggest things I would have never have thought of in my own process. I don't always use them but they are good to consider. It was interesting to start with one idea of the size I wanted then see how it worked in actuality. Lots of folding and measuring later, I finally got a size that I feel will work well and show the work well.

Then I was off to the Library/Art Gallery building to show Laurie what I came up with. We discussed a few more options that might happen with the piece and I finally had to make notes so I wouldn't forget them.

I will say that I am very excited about working on this piece, more excited than I have been for anything in quite some time. The inspiration came about when I was making a New Year's Day phone call to a friend in Nova Scotia and describing the fibre greeting card I'd made in December for an online exchange. His comment "oh, like a pop up book" resonated with me and made me try to get it figured out as my entry for this exhibit.

I got the entry faxed off before noon using the Library fax machine, a full 5 hrs before the deadline. Apparently old habits die hard although I am working on getting things done earlier these days.

I will try and give you glimpses of the project in process as I go along, but will not put completed pics on the blog because I have realized that I can enter it in other shows that may have a clause about not it not being shown online before the show. Sorry. I am also working through a lot of techniques that I may use to teach later on. I new the fibre card was going to send me off in some new directions but had no idea where it would be taking me.

After getting the fax off and picking up some books and dvds at the library, I headed out to do some errands and wander around Walmart craft section to see what other fusible items I could find to use in my Fusible Fibre Art - Intro to fusibles workshop at the Gallery the end of March.

I found a cute little package of 5 trial size bottles of Aleene's fabric glues that will be fun to experiment with. The package was $3.96.

L to R: Fabric Fusion, Flexible Stretchable fabric glue,OK to Wash IT fabric glue, Jewel-It Embellishing Glue, and No-Sew fabric glue
There was also a Fabric Fusion fabric glue pen which is permanent and dry cleanable. It
was $2.97 for 10 ml/.34 oz
The other interesting glue product I found was a tube/bottle of Adhesive Tech A Fine Line..... the glue you can write with. I think this glue would be good to use to do delicate foiling or writing on quilts and then foiling it. It says it's great for design work on paper and fabric. It was all of #1.36 for 42 ml/1.42 oz.
I may try some of these glues while doing my Fusible Fibre Art artist demo on Sundays at the Gallery this Sunday.

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