Sunday, February 10, 2008

Making Progress in Unpacking

Here is proof I'm actually making some progress in the unpacking dept since I managed to get all the things out of my storage unit on Jan 31. This is my studio library............ so far 3 of these Ikea bookcases full of my beloved art/craft magazines and books. I know I still have at least one more box with my Singer Sewing books and then the office reference books so it will fill up the 4th bookcase. It was like greeting old friends to see them again. Very hard not to sit and browse. Found some of the newer ones I bought last year but hadn't had time to read much.

Today I also made some other progress in arranging the sewing machine cabinets in the studio into a workable arrangement. All that was in aid of getting an upended desk and table out of the kitchen, where they got put on the 31st.

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